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Historical Society of South Amboy commemorates the Dowdell Library’s Centennial!

The Historical Society of South Amboy is proud to be participating in the 100th birthday celebration of the Sadie Pope Dowdell Library!

Join us at the Dowdell Library on November 11 at 7 pm to hear what it was like to live in South Amboy in 1914.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in South Amboy in 1914? Take a step back in time with the Historical Society of South Amboy, as they present local events and happenings from 100 years ago. Come learn about national and local events as well as what everyday items cost, local population statistics, what the city looked like and what was important to the people that lived here.

The Dowdell Library is adjacent to the South Amboy High School. For more information, contact the library at 732-721-6060 or

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I Love South Amboy – Dowdell Library’s Centennial Photo Contest

The Dowdell Library of South Amboy would like to invite photographers to enter its I Love South Amboy Digital Photo Contest. The contest is open to all photographers at least 18 years of age. The library is looking for striking digital images to celebrate South Amboy; photos should highlight South Amboy’s unique architecture, places, shoreline, etc.

All images must be submitted via email to Photo captions must accompany all submissions, and should include the subject of the image, the location the image was taken, as well as the name of the photographer(s). Include your full name, email, telephone number, city of residence, and other information about the photo submission. Photographers may request to have their digital photograph displayed as “Anonymous.” To ensure eligibility, all entries should be submitted electronically in high resolution.

Images will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit. The Judges will consist of a panel of professional photographers as well as those familiar with photography. All decisions made by the Judges are final.

Entry forms are available at and at the library. Online entries can be emailed to starting October 10, 2014. Deadline for entries is Friday, November 21st. The library reserves the right to adjust deadlines for causes beyond its control.

The Grand Prize Winner and Runner Up will be announced at the end of November. The judging panel will select approximately 50 photos for Finalists and Honorable Mentions. Photos will be electronically displayed in December.

For more information, contact the Dowdell Library of South Amboy at 732-721-6060 or

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Featured Book: Cell by Robin Cook

Cell by Robin CookThe New York Times–bestselling author and master of the medical thriller returns with a top-notch fusion of groundbreaking medical science and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

George Wilson, M.D., a radiology resident in Los Angeles, is about to enter a profession on the brink of an enormous paradigm shift, foreshadowing a vastly different role for doctors everywhere. The smartphone is poised to take on a new role in medicine, no longer as a mere medical app but rather as a fully customizable personal physician capable of diagnosing and treating even better than the real thing. It is called iDoc.

George’s initial collision with this incredible innovation is devastating. He awakens one morning to find his fiancée dead in bed alongside him, not long after she participated in an iDoc beta test. Then several of his patients die after undergoing imaging procedures. All of them had been part of the same beta test.

Is it possible that iDoc is being subverted by hackers—and that the U.S. government is involved in a cover-up? Despite threats to both his career and his freedom, George relentlessly seeks the truth, knowing that if he’s right, the consequences could be lethal.

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Featured Book: Standup Guy (Stone Barrington) by Stuart Woods

Standup Guy (Stone Barrington) by Stuart WoodsStone Barrington is back in the newest edge-of-your-seat adventure in the New York Times–bestselling series.

Stone Barrington’s newest client does not seem the type to bring mayhem in his wake. A polite, well-deported gentleman, he comes to Stone seeking legal expertise on an unusual—and potentially lucrative—dilemma. Stone points him in the right direction and sends him on his way, but it’s soon clear Stone hasn’t seen the end of the case. Several people are keenly interested in this gentleman’s activities and how they may relate to a long-ago crime . . . and some of them will stop at nothing to find the information they desire.

On a hunt that leads from Florida’s tropical beaches to the posh vacation homes of the Northeast, Stone finds himself walking a tightrope between ambitious authorities and seedy lowlifes who all have the same prize in their sights. In this cutthroat contest of wills, it’s winner-takes-all . . . and Stone will need every bit of his cunning and resourcefulness to be the last man standing.

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Featured Book: First Love by James Patterson, Emily Raymond and Sasha Illingworth

First Love by James Patterson, Emily Raymond and Sasha IllingworthAxi Moore is a “good girl”: She studies hard, stays out of the spotlight, and doesn’t tell anyone that what she really wants is to run away from it all. The only person she can tell is her best friend, Robinson–who she also happens to be madly in love with.

When Axi impulsively invites Robinson to come with her on an unplanned cross-country road trip, she breaks the rules for the first time in her life. But the adventure quickly turns from carefree to out-of-control…

A remarkably moving tale with its origins in James Patterson’s own past, First Love is testament to the power of first love–and how it can change the rest of your life.

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Featured Book: The Unwelcomed Child by V.C. Andrews

The Unwelcomed Child by V.C. AndrewsMy mother had looked into the face of evil so many times she knew what it was. It was me. I was born without a soul. . . .

Elle Edwards grew up believing that because of her mother’s sinful ways she was born without a soul; that’s why she was abandoned and left in the care of Grandmother Myra and Grandfather Prescott, who try to ensure her evil will not infect them—by raising her in a virtual prison. Because her days are occupied with homeschooling, strict religious studies, and vigorous housekeeping in their upstate New York home, Elle knows practically nothing of the outside world, even as she emerges as a young woman with impressive artistic talent. But when she makes a secret, forbidden connection to vacationers at the nearby lake—a handsome boy and his precocious twin sister—Elle’s world will shatter. Will discovering the truths about her past send her future plummeting to hell?

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Featured Book: River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz

River Road by Jayne Ann KrentzFrom the New York Times–bestselling author of Dream Eyes and Copper Beach, a brand-new quintessential Jayne Ann Krentz romance.

It’s been thirteen years since Lucy Sheridan was in Summer River. The last time she visited her aunt Sara there, as a teenager, she’d been sent home suddenly after being dragged out of a wild party—by the guy she had a crush on, just to make it more embarrassing. Obviously Mason Fletcher—only a few years older but somehow a lot more of a grown-up—was the overprotective type who thought he had to come to her rescue.

Now, returning after her aunt’s fatal car accident, Lucy is learning there was more to the story than she realized at the time. Mason had saved her from a very nasty crime that night—and soon afterward, Tristan, the cold-blooded rich kid who’d targeted her, disappeared mysteriously, his body never found.

A lot has changed in thirteen years. Lucy now works for a private investigation firm as a forensic genealogist, while Mason has quit the police force to run a successful security firm with his brother—though he still knows his way around a wrench when he fills in at his uncle’s local hardware store. Even Summer River has changed, from a sleepy farm town into a trendy upscale spot in California’s wine country. But Mason is still a protector at heart, a serious (and seriously attractive) man. And when he and Lucy make a shocking discovery inside Sara’s house, and some of Tristan’s old friends start acting suspicious, Mason’s quietly fierce instincts kick into gear. He saved Lucy once, and he’ll save her again. But this time, she insists on playing a role in her own rescue . . .

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Featured Book: Full Blast by Charlotte Hughes & Janet Evanovich

Full Blast by Charlotte Hughes & Janet EvanovichThere’s never a dull moment for the residents of Beaumont, South Carolina. Lately, a heat wave’s spiked the mercury-and everyone’s sex drive! These days, when Jamie runs into Max, it’s all she can do not to tear his clothes off-and the feeling is mutual. But trouble seems to follow Max like moths to a flame, and Jamie suspects he’s all wrong for her. Meanwhile, the lingerie shop is having a sale on edible underwear, while the bakery’s selling aphrodisiac-laced brownies and x-rated birthday cakes. Even Jamie’s dog, Fleas, is dodging passes from the amorous French poodle next door! But when someone starts bumping off some of the town’s more annoying citizens, all clues lead straight to the new personals section in Jamie’s newspaper. Pretty soon, things are getting hot and heavy, as Max and Jamie start uncovering secrets-and undressing each other…

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Featured Book: Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival by Jennifer Chiaverini

Mrs. Lincoln's Rival by Jennifer ChiaveriniThe New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, Jennifer Chiaverini, reveals the famous First Lady’s very public social and political contest with Kate Chase Sprague, memorialized as “one of the most remarkable women ever known to Washington society.” (Providence Journal)

Kate Chase Sprague was born in 1840 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the second daughter to the second wife of a devout but ambitious lawyer. Her father, Salmon P. Chase, rose to prominence in the antebellum years and was appointed secretary of the treasury in Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet, while aspiring to even greater heights.

Beautiful, intelligent, regal, and entrancing, young Kate Chase stepped into the role of establishing her thrice-widowed father in Washington society and as a future presidential candidate. Her efforts were successful enough that The Washington Star declared her “the most brilliant woman of her day. None outshone her.”

None, that is, but Mary Todd Lincoln. Though Mrs. Lincoln and her young rival held much in common—political acumen, love of country, and a resolute determination to help the men they loved achieve greatness—they could never be friends, for the success of one could come only at the expense of the other. When Kate Chase married William Sprague, the wealthy young governor of Rhode Island, it was widely regarded as the pinnacle of Washington society weddings. President Lincoln was in attendance. The First Lady was not.

Jennifer Chiaverini excels at chronicling the lives of extraordinary yet littleknown women through historical fiction. What she did for Elizabeth Keckley in Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker and for Elizabeth Van Lew in The Spymistress she does for Kate Chase Sprague in Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival.

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