Rick Mikula, the Butterfly Guy

Presenting the Absolute Best Butterfly Program EVER!  — Monday, April 15 @ 7pm

For over twenty years Rick Mikula has been delighting audiences of all  ages with his humorous and off beat way of looking at butterflies.  An award-winning author, he is also a photographer and habitat consultant, and has created butterfly  atriums and gardens for Dolly Parton, Hershey Foods, among others.   Rick has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Animal Planet Network and the Discovery Channel.  He has also been featured in over three dozen magazines including People, Organic Farming and in hundreds of newspapers from around the world.Butterfly Guy

Live butterflies are always the high point of every presentation as Rick demonstrates just how easily they can be handled and cared for.

People of all ages will learn how to raise butterflies and moths by using simple, recyclable, household items.  They will earn the secrets of butterfly gardens that will not only attract the flying jewels of the sky, but also cause them to lay eggs and start a population right at their door!

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